Dr. Anton Schröpfer

Sociology of Science

In 2013, Anton Schröpfer completed his studies in sociology, social psychology and pedagogics, at the Ludwig Maximilians-University of Munich (with distinction). Since January 2014, he works as scientific associate at the Friedrich Schiedel Endowed Chair of Sociology of Science. Since October 2014, he is doctoral candidate at the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS). In August 2020 he succesfully defended his PhD thesis on “The Game of Increasing Societal Expectations towards Science. A specific Gaze on Technical Universities”.His current research interest is the production of socio-technical innovation cultures. He focuses on the integration of social sciences and humanities with the natural and technical sciences at the interface of science policy, research, teaching and universities.

  • Technical Universities and sociotechnical integration
  • Knowledge Production in Nanomedicine
  • Discourse analysis
  • Actor-Network-Theory
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Schröpfer, A. (2017): Fictionalizing & Speculation: Innovating between Science and Science Policy – The Case of Nanomedicine. In: Soziale Welt, 68/1, S. 45-62.

→ Current Courses

  • WiSe 18/19
    Tutorial for the Master Science and Technology Studies (MCTS)
    Tutorial of the module MCTS1 in the Master’s Programme Science and Technology Studies (MCTS, together with Sophia Rossmann). The tutorial goes along with the master module „MCTS1: Practices and Politics of Science and Technology”. It offers extra time and space for exercises and discussions on open questions.


  • Schröpfer, A. (2018): Co-Tribution Systems: How to (De-)Normalize Integration of Technopolitics into Academic Life?, EASST2018: Meetings – Making Science, Technology and Society together,25-28th July 2018, Lancaster University, UK.
  • Schröpfer, A. (2018): Contribution Systems: How Innovating Innovation becomes a realistic problem for Technical Universities?, #mytopic.in.society – Doctoral Colloquium at MCTS
  • Dickel, S., Maasen, S., Schröpfer, A. (2016): Ingenieure der Gesellschaft, Sektionstagung der DGS-Sektion Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung, TU München
  • Schröpfer, A., Wenten, K. (2016): Shared Knowledge, Shifted Contexts. When „Making” Meets the Entrepreneurial University, INSIST Konferenz “Schafft Wissen. Gemeinsames und geteiltes Wissen in Wissenschaft und Technik“, München


  • European Association for the Studies of Science and Technology (EASST)
  • Section Sociology of Science and Technology of DGS
  • German Society for Higher Education Research (GfHf)