M.A. Amy Clare

Doctoral Candidate

Science and Technology Policy

Amy completed her Master’s Degree in medical anthropology at Heidelberg University (2018). She focused on cross-border reproductive tourism and oocyte technologies. After completing her degree, she worked at the Women’s College Research Institute, in Toronto, at a center focused on incorporating gender into biomedicine and Knowledge Translation. She is currently (as of March 2019) a doctoral candidate in Prof. Dr. Ruth Müller’s team for Science and Technology Policy at the Technical University of Munich.

During her time at TUM, Amy has focused on public and scientific perceptions of the gene editing technology, CRISPR-Cas, and potential applications in livestock agriculture. For her dissertation, she conducts ethnographic research to investigate CRISPR-Cas-mediated xenotransplantation research at various sites. Amy is particularly interested in the (multispecies) relations and sociomaterial infrastructures which impact, enable, and challenge this experimental science.

  • Feminist Science Studies
  • Multispecies politics (in agriculture and experimental science)
  • Gene Editing Technologies
  • Veterinary Anthropology
  • Human-Animal Health
  • Ethnography

Clare, A. (2022). What Stories Do We Tell About the Critters Involved with CRISPR-Cas? Examining Scientists’ Reflections on Multispecies Relationships in Gene Editing Research. Green Letters, 1-14.

Müller, R., Feiler, J., & Clare, A. (2022). A Doomed Technology? On Gene Editing in Bavarian Livestock Agriculture, Policy Field Conflicts and Responsible Research & Innovation. Frontiers in Political Science, 4.

Müller, R., Clare, A., Feiler, J., & Marco, N. (2021). Between a rock and a hard place: Farmers’ perspectives on gene editing in livestock agriculture in Bavaria. EMBO reports22(7), e53205.

  • STS-STEM Mentorship “Biotech-Health-Ecology” (SS 2021)
  • “Bodies and Beings in Biomedicine,” Core Biomedicine Topic, seminar (SS 2020)
  • “Gene editing in the Anthropocene: Exploring CRISPR-CAS9 Applications”, Immersion Project, project (WS 2019/2020; WS 2020/2021; WS 2021/2022)
  • “Bioengineering & Society: Tracing the Social, Political, and Ethical Aspects of Biotechnologies”, lecture in the Bioengineering Series for the Helmholtz Center, Co-taught with Prof. Dr. Ruth Müller (SS 2020; SS 2021)
  • “Need a knee? Politics of Knowledge Production in Biomedicine,” in Who Is Responsible for Environment and Health? Social and Cultural Perspective on Environment, Health, and Technology, lecture (WS 2019/2020)
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