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MCTS Welcomes New Master’s Students

The MCTS had the pleasure of welcoming its new RESET and STS Master’s students at the official Welcome Day last Friday, October 12th. The new students, who take up their studies this winter semester, come from thirteen different countries and have undergraduate degrees in social sciences,...[more]

New Doctoral Workshops

You can apply now to next semester’s Doctoral Workshops: We are looking forward to three engaging events focusing on STS concepts & theories, advanced thematic questions, as well as methods & skills training. If you would like to join one or several of the workshops, please send an...[more] – MCTS Doctoral Colloquium

The research community at MCTS came together for the Doctoral Colloquium at July 12+13, which – as usual – marked the end of the semester. The doctoral candidates presented their work in 16 presentations and received in-depth feedback in nine breakout groups. Projects in all stages were well...[more]

Welcome to the MCTS: Visiting Professor Aiko Hibino

Please join us in welcoming MCTS Visiting Professor Aiko Hibino, who will be staying with us from August through October 2018. Aiko Hibino studies user-technology relations in emerging science and technology. She pursues two lines of research. The first is the design process for...[more]

Hot off the Press: Living with biofacts

Language and Materiality of Plants and Food With posts from Veit Braun, Lukas Breitwieser, Bernhard Gill, Nicole Karafyllis, Johanna Kleinert, Sabine Maasen, Barbara Sutter, Franziska Torma, Laura Trachte, Karin Zachmann. The essays in this volume deal with plants and food as highly artificial...[more]

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