New MCTS Image Video

The new MCTS image video is now available on the YouTube channel TUMuenchen! Enjoy a glimpse of the innovative master’s programs offered by the Munich Center for Technology in Society and listen to professors and students talk about the program objectives and what it is like to study at the MCTS. The video was created in the spring and summer of 2019 in close collaboration with the MCTS’ students, staff and faculty members.

How do we as individuals and as a society face the challenges and seize the opportunities resulting from the interdependence of technology, science and society? What are the benefits of transdisciplinary approaches? How should we go about developing technologies? What kind of future do we want?

Both the master’s program Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (M.A. RESET) as well as the master’s program Science and Technology Studies (M.A. STS) address these and many other issues. The programs offer a profound academic base to deal with the challenge of shaping a future in which technology, science and society are deeply interconnected. Students acquire a unique skill set to not only understand and analyse these complex interactions, but to also actively solve problems and take responsibility in developing a desirable future.

Explore the MCTS Master´s Programs in this video:

You can find more information on the MCTS master’s programs here!

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