MCTS Visiting Professor Stephen Hilgartner

Welcome to the MCTS’ Visiting Professor Stephen Hilgartner, who will be staying with us from Sep 25th−Nov 21st, 2017.

Stephen Hilgartner is professor and former chair of the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University. In his research, he studies the social dimensions and politics of contemporary and emerging science and technology, especially in the life sciences. His research focuses on situations in which scientific knowledge is implicated in establishing, contesting, and maintaining social order – a theme he has examined in studies of expertise, property formation, risk disputes, and biotechnology. His book on science advice, Science on Stage: Expert Advice as Public Drama, won the 2002 Rachel Carson Prize from the Society for Social Studies of Science. His recent books include Reordering Life: Knowledge and Control in the Genomics Revolution (MIT Press, 2017), which examines how new knowledge and new regimes of control were coproduced during the Human Genome Project, and Science & Democracy: Making Knowledge and Making Power in the Biosciences and Beyond (co-edited with Clark Miller and Rob Hagendijk, Routledge, 2015), which advances current theoretical framings of coproduction processes while also providing detailed empirical analyses and nuanced comparative work in the new life sciences, informatics and climate science.

We are delighted to announce two events with Stephen Hilgartner:

  • Munich Colloquium on Technology in Society: “Making Knowledge about Risk” (Oct 17, 2017, Vorhoelzer Forum).
  • Doctoral Workshop “Practicing conceptual flexibility: Staging your research through the work of Stephen Hilgartner” (Nov 10, 2017, more info here).

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