MCTS Forum

At the MCTS, we work to break down knowledge barriers. Alongside our focus on research and education, we are highly committed to public outreach and consultation. We aim to share our findings, benefit from new insights and discuss, reflect, and advise on the impact that science and technology has on society outside the traditional university setting. 

The MCTS pursues outreach and consultation activities that are:


Outreach and consultation activities are based on the results of MCTS research projects and draw on expertise from inside and outside TUM.


We address specific topics (e.g. robotics in the everyday lives of senior citizens or technical communication through social media).


We address different audiences in business, policy circles, or civil society through custom-made outreach activities.


We collaborate with experts from TUM, academies (e.g. acatech), and institutions working in the field of technology assessment (e.g. KIT).

Outreach and consultation are at the same time also topics of research and teaching at the MCTS.