Master's Programs at the MCTS

You want to know how today's pressing questions of controllability, responsibility and sustainability can be answered? You ask yourself how science and technology are linked, and what politics, economy and publicity have to do with this? You think about what the basic principles of knowledge and invention are?

Then you will certainly be interested in the master's programs on offer at the MCTS:

Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (RESET)


RESET is a unique master’s program that puts questions of responsibility front and center in our thinking about science, technology and innovation. Responsibility has become a key concern in current discussions around governance, economic growth, sustainable development and social progress – captured, for example, by the frameworks of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
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Science and Technology Studies (STS)

From bio-technology to energy transitions, automated mobility to data security, the big challenges facing societies today are inseparably scientific, technical and social. The Master’s program Science and Technology Studies (STS) will teach you how to reflexively research, develop problem-solving skills and critically intervene in the big socio-technical issues of our time.
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Philosophy of Science and Technology (WTPhil)

With the master program WTPhil (discontinued) graduates complete their scientific or technical studies by exploring the foundations of science and technology and discussing their ethical and social references. Thereby they will be qualified in the areas of education and professional development, politics of technology and science, science management, publishing, media and advisory activity.
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