Law, Science and Technology

Law, Science and Technology

Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal

The MCTS Research Group Law, Science and Technology is dedicated to the reciprocal relationship of law, science, technology and society. We cover research topics particularly in the context of emerging digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Distributed Ledger Technologies. We strive to understand law in all its facets and functions. Beyond its regulatory function limiting the use of technology, the law is an equally important tool to promote as well as shape technology design. This formative dimension of law, especially with regard to constitutional principles such as democracy, the rule of the law and human rights, is of high significance in our research agenda.

Our research uses integrative, problem-oriented and multi-perspective methodologies. We strive to address research questions of academic and social relevance with the appropriate methods. Nonetheless, our approach centers around the addressed issue, rather than the methodology. Throughout the process, we are particularly interested in the various social viewpoints and perspectives that we explore in close exchange with relevant stakeholders. Our research is characterized by a simultaneously empirically informed and reflexive approach. The intensive study of technology in its social application is, therefore, integrated in the same manner as the theory-based reflective examination of the findings.

We are particularly well established in the technological areas of AI and machine learning. We examine these and other technologies in depth in various domains, especially in connection with

  • public administration,
  • public health, and
  • public communication.

We also deal with technology as a medium and infrastructure for the law and actively and creatively participate in its development in areas such as legal tech and digital administration.