Hot off the Press: Reproducibility

Harald Atmanspacher (ETH and University Zurich) and Sabine Maasen (MCTS) edited a new book: Featuring peer-reviewed contributions from noted experts in their fields of research, “Reproducibility: Principles, Problems, Practices, and Prospects” presents state-of-the-art approaches to reproducibility, the gold standard of sound science, from multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives. Including comprehensive coverage for implementing and reflecting the norm of reproducibility in various pertinent fields of research, the book focuses on how the reproducibility of results is applied, how it may be limited, and how such limitations can be understood or even controlled in the natural sciences, computational sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and studies of science and technology.

This volume arose out of the papers and discussions from a conference held at the MCTS in 2014. For more information please click here.


Picture: MCTS

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