Federal Funding for M Cube Future Cluster

The “Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions” (M Cube) succeeded in German BMBF-competition „Clusters4Future“ as one of seven winners. „M Cube“ starts in October 2021 and will be funded with up to 45 Million Euros over nine years. Sepaker Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Co-Director of MCTS, describes the project goals as follows: „On the basis of Germany’s traditional strength in mobility technology, in the future cluster M Cube we pursue the aim to shape transformations responsibly. We want to proactively create counter-strategies against other international trends and make Munich a reference region for sustainable mobility innovation. Together with our partners, we also look at economic, societal, political, legal and ethical aspects of mobility. We cover a broad spectrum of actors such as NGOs, the city of Munich, HighTech Start-Ups and three German DAX-companies. Our approach thus reaches far beyond mere technological developments.”

In liaison with TUM collaborators Markus Lienkamp and Gebhard Wulfhorst (Co-Lead Strategy) as well as Stefan Minner, Maximilian Schiffer and Johannes Fottner (TUM School of Management), we expect many years of exciting and innovative research at MCTS and the future Department for Science, Technology, Society. Congratulations to Sebastian Pfotenhauer and all TUM colleagues and project partners!

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