The STS Department Forum specifically engages in scientific dialogue and expertise orientated consultations. It supports stakeholders in politics, economy and civil society through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary reflexivity on societal changes in science and technology. With custom-made concepts, the STS Department Forum facilitates the development of competences

  • based on research (involvement in participatory research projects, scientific advisory on research, survey, independent external evaluation and supervision),
  • focused (testing/exploring possibilities and limits of dialogue, co-creation and mediation in practice based on topics in science and society),
  • target group specific (expertise consultancy within the framework of technoscientific research, transfer of knowledge in politics, collaborative discourses with all types of actors in civil society), and
  • cooperative (developing adequate forms of dialogue with the public, politics and economy in science and technology research).

A central function of the STS Department Forum is the liaison with actors and projects at the TUM (SFB 768 „Zyklenmanagement von Innovationsprozessen“, Geothermie-Allianz Bayern). These allow for sustainable networks with other scientific institutions to be forged as well as with partners in management (OBB), economy (ATOS) and civil society.

The STS Department Forum strives to achieve new insights in dialogue and consultation both on an individual level and through collective interaction. This approach aims at considering a responsible transfer of research and innovation in and around an increasingly technologized society.