Engineering Responsibility Lab

Responsibility has risen high on the agenda in contemporary techno-societies. With the increasing need to address the implications of our collective technological heritage, responsibility gains importance across all areas of research and technology.

Following the MCTS-principles of being empirical, interdisciplinary, reflexive and dialogic, the Post/Doc Lab ‘Engineering Responsibility’ investigates how technological practices deal with diverse responsibilities for technological developments of the past and the future. This means to address (1) the societal responsibilities of techno-sciences, which get increasingly pronounced in diverse realms of policy, economy and the public. This also means (2) to deal with how we are ‘engineering’ responsibility in terms of forms and formats in which we can negotiate, accept and distribute responsibility for diverse kinds of technological challenges. We wish to challenge the prevalent orientation towards futures and also raise sensitivity for what (supposedly) lies in the past. This is achieved by re-centering the often disregarded remains and infrastructures of technologized societies. Starting from these perspectives, the Post/Doc Lab Engineering Responsibility focuses specifically on three domains of techno-societies: exploring and sensitizing security infrastructures in relation to diverse socio-political responsibilities and issues; responsible research, policy and care in regard to food and health; and a reflexion of current institutional practices to implement and foster responsibility in research and innovation.

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