Organizational Structures

Various institutions and bodies are involved in organizing the doctoral program and looking after the interests of doctoral candidates.

Integrative Graduate Center TechnoScienceStudies

The MCTS organizes its doctoral studies through the Integrative Graduate Center TechnoScienceSctudies (IGC TSS). Founded in the 2014/15 winter semester, the Graduate Center provides structures and events for training the next generation of researchers. The goal is to develop and expand interdisciplinary and technical-reflexive perspectives in doctoral theses through TUM’s training and supervision frameworks. This is both for doctoral candidates at the MCTS and for interested scholars from both in and outside TUM.

The IGC TSS is the first point of contact for doctoral candidates when it comes to issues relating to:

The IGC TSS is represented via:


  • Administration and strategic development
  • Development of supervision and training frameworks
  • Allocation of funds and resources



Deputy Spokesperson

Doctoral Candidate Representatives

Doctoral Candidate Representatives

Postdoc Representative


  • Management Guidance
  • Organization and Planning



Management IGC TSS


MCTS Doctoral Candidate Representatives

Members of the Integrative Graduate Center TechnoScienceStudies have the opportunity to represent the interests of the doctoral candidates and to take part in the decision-making within TUM.

Doctoral candidate representatives are members of the Graduate Council, the organization within TUM that is concerned with graduate candidate matters. At the same time, doctoral candidate representatives are voting members of the IGC TSS Management Board and can help to directly shape graduate center activities and procedures.

The doctoral candidate representatives are elected annually by secret ballot, which is usually held online. All doctoral candidates who are members of the IGC TSS are eligible to vote and stand for election.

For academic year 2020/21, the elected doctoral candidate representatives are:





  • Carolin Thiem
    Former Doctoral Candidate
  • Contact


MCTS as a degree-awarding institution

The MCTS has an interdisciplinary orientation and is well-connected with all other departments at TUM. For this reason, doctoral candidates come from various fields and work on different subject areas. Doctoral candidates work and study under the umbrella of TechnoScienceStudies, which aims to advance research on and with technoscientific fields. .

Depending on the subject-specific focus of the doctoral project, candidates can pursue any of the doctoral degrees awarded at TUM.

At the same time, as an Integrative Research Center, the MCTS has the right to confer doctoral degrees and awards the following titles

  • Dr. phil.
  • Dr. rer. pol.
  • Dr. rer. soc.
  • Dr. oec. publ.

The MCTS doctoral committee plays an important role in the doctoral examination procedure:

MCTS Doctoral Committee


  • All the duties and responsibilities assigned to a Department Council, in accordance with the regulations for the awarding of doctoral degrees, especially:
  • The appointment of the examination board
  • Thomas Hamacher
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Contact

Rules and Regulations of the Institutions Involved

All procedures relating to doctorate applications, admissions, administration and examinations at the MCTS are based on: