This section is currently under construction. If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate at the STS Department, please reach out with all relevant information to one of our professors as potential supervisors. If you have questions regarding admission requirements or regulations, please contact

Doctoral Examination

Have you completed your research and qualification program? If so, you can begin the doctoral examination procedure by submitting your dissertation. Please follow the steps outlined below in order to ensure that the process proceeds smoothly.

Submit Proof of your Qualification Program

Some aspects of your qualification program are already required as a part of your doctoral studies. Please enter the following into your DocGS account:

  • You are required to enter proof of:
    • Your participation in the subject-specific qualification program at IGC TSS (colloquia, workshops)
    • Discussion of your research project with the international academic community (e.g. a publication, a conference talk)
    • Participation in the academic environment at TUM (required for external doctoral candidates)

You can present proof of the optional program, by the end of your doctoral studies, at the latest, and up to 4 weeks before your oral exam:

  • You can add optional proof of:
    • Extradisciplinary seminars
    • International research stays and conferences
    • Courses you have taught yourself and presentations you have given.

Once the mandatory program requirements are fulfilled, DocGS will automatically enable the “submit dissertation” function.

Tip: You would like to know what your transcript of records looks like? Click on “QP preliminary transcript” in the progress tree in your DocGS account.

Submit your Dissertation

Submit the Announcement of the Dissertation

With your supervisor, fill out, sign and send to MCTS the “Announcement of a Doctoral Examination Procedure and Proposal for the Composition of the Examination Board”. The form can be found here.

Submit your Dissertation

In your DocGS account, digitally fill out the application form and upload all required documentation (including the dissertation). See:

Please use the available templates for the sworn statement and the title page. Leave the fields for the examiners and the dates empty.

DocGS obtains confirmation from TUM GS and the MCTS (this takes a few days) and then activates the application form. You will be notified of this by email.

Print out the application form and submit it in person to the Examination Office l Doctorate Office, with all required documentation (including 5 copies of the dissertation). Please make an appointment. Contact: Ms. Sabine Selzle (, Tel. +49 (0) 89 289 22269, Arcisstr. 21, Room 0169).

Tip: It is easiest to make the appointment by phone. To make things easier, before you call, please consider which dates are possible for you. As a rule, appointments are possible 2-4 days later.

The Examination Office l Doctorate Office examines the documents and forwards them to the MCTS.

Dissertation Examination

Appointment of the Examination Board and Preparation of Examiners’ Reports

The examination board is appointed by the MCTS doctoral committee, who can agree with your suggestions for examination board members or make changes. You will be notified of the decision by email. The MCTS then submits the documents to the chairperson of the examination board. He or she then invites the examiners to provide examiner’s reports (usually within a a period of 3 months).

Tip: Schedule the oral examination during this time and notify the MCTS, in particular:
Please agree upon with the examination board

  • The examination date and location
  • Whether the oral examination will be open to the public (beyond the persons authorized to attend the exam) and
  • Whether the exam will be conducted in German or English


Upon receipt of the examiners’ reports, the dissertation will be presented to the MCTS faculty for a finial opinion (within 14 days). After that—and at least one week before the date—the MCTS will invite you to the oral examination in writing.

Successfully Complete the Oral Examination

The examination is conducted by the chairperson of the examination board and consists of your presentation of the dissertation (ca. 20 min.) and the oral examination (ca. 1 h.). The results of the examination and the grade are then communicated in person.

The day of the oral exam is the date of graduation. That day marks the end of your membership in the TUM GS.

Publication and Diploma

Confirm the title page with the Examination Office l Doctorate Office

The dissertation title, examiners and date must be in accordance with the information given by the Examination Office l Doctorate Office (contact: Ms. Selzle). In particular: ­

  • Date of submission = Receipt stamp from the Examination Office l Doctorate Office ­
  • Date of acceptance = End of the circulation

Publish the Dissertation in its approved version: See § 20 of the TUM Regulations for the Awarding of Doctoral Degrees and

Doctoral Diploma

Make an appointment with the Examination Office l Doctorate Office (contact: Ms. Selzle). After presenting your ID card, you will receive a provisional diploma and you can view the examination documents.

Now you can use your doctoral title!

The original doctoral diploma is prepared at the same time and will be issued by the MCTS.

You can purchase an embossed diploma from TUM GS. See

And now you can finally celebrate!