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Doctorate in TechnoScienceStudies – Empirical, Interdisciplinary, Reflexive, Dialogic

Our society has become technosocial: Communication is increasingly moving into the digital space, technological innovations set the pace of business and science, biotechnology, nanotechnology and neuroscience technologies change our understanding and concept of life, nature and our self-perception. Phenomena such as these are the focus of TechnoScienceStudies (TSS).

As a doctoral student in TechnoScienceStudies, you will:

  • Analyze technosocial relationships at the intersections of (techno)science and society – and always in the context of concrete, empirical cases. This research is becoming more and more important: for companies and governmental agencies, in politics, media and consulting, for education and the public, and, of course, for science itself.
  • Contribute to interdisciplinary research on and in cooperation with the technosciences. The doctoral program at the MCTS is expressly intended for a broad range of doctoral candidates, and it is open to graduates from all subject areas and disciplines.
  • Position yourself as both an observer and an active agent within a technosocial society. Our research perspective is reflexive: We analyze our case studies in the context of their social origin and expectations. Technoscience happens in and as a part of society, and it is a shaping force within society – as is TechnoScienceStudies.


A doctorate in TSS integrates your project into a diverse and excellent network.

Doctoral candidates are qualified in the Integrative Graduate Center “TechnoScienceStudies”. This environment helps the doctoral candidates to distinguish themselves as recognized young scientists and enter into a dialog with both the academic/scientific community and the public.



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