We are building a new center in the field of Science & Technology Research – the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS)!


Research and innovation create a steady stream of new technologies that enter societies which are already highly technologized. For this reason, we at MCTS focus on investigating the contemporary technosciences (e.g. the life sciences and engineering) and their interactions with societies that that can increasingly be described as TechnoSocieties.

Integrative Research

To achieve this goal, our interdisciplinary collaborations bring together social scientists, historians, philosophers, life scientists and engineers. Research at MCTS focuses on well-established fields at TUM such as energy, robotics, or mobility as well as on large-scale issues related to risk, non-knowledge, or digitization.

Outreach & Learning Opportunities

MCTS research groups create opportunities for dialogue with the public, policymakers, and business stakeholders through events such as lectures, theme days, and expert workshops (MCTS Forum). The MCTS also offers graduate-level academic programs (Master's, Graduate Center) and courses that are open to TUM students of all disciplines (WTG@MCTS).

All MCTS activities reflect our guiding principles: empirical – interdisciplinary – reflexive – dialogic.