Picture of Ruth Müller

Prof. Dr. phil. Ruth Müller

Assistant Professorship of Science and Technology Policy (Prof. Müller)

Postal address

Augustenstr. 44_46
80333 München



Studies of molecular biology with specializations in genetics, cell biology and science & technology studies (STS) at the University of Vienna, Austria (2001-2007). Researcher at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria; research field: gynecological oncology (2001-2005). Researcher and M.Sc. student (2005-2007) as well PhD student (2007-2012) at the Department of Science & Technology Studies, University of Vienna, Austria. Postdoc at the Austrian Institute of International Affairs, Science & Technology Policy Group (2012-2013), and the Research Policy Group, Lund University, Sweden (2013-2015). Visiting scholar at the Science & Justice Research Center, University of California Santa Cruz, U.S. (2010, 2011 & 2014). In February 2015 appointment as Tenure Track Professor for Science & Technology Policy at the Munich Center for Technology in Society, a co-appointment with the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan.

Research Areas

  • Interactions of research policy, institutional values and academic knowledge cultures
  • Norms and practices of academic career development and their epistemic consequences
  • Sociology and epistemology of the life sciences (Current focus: Epigenetics – Understanding the biosocial self)
  • Gender, diversity and feminist technoscience studies


  • Marie Curie Co-Fund Fellowship, FORTE, Swedish Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (2014)
  • Doc.Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis, University of Vienna, Austria (2012)
  • Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Vienna, Austria (2011)
  • Mobility Research Fellowship of the Austrian Genome Research Program ‘Gen-AU’, Federal Ministry for Science & Research Austria (2010)


  • European Association for the Social Studies of Science  [EASST]
  • Science & Justice Working Group, University of California Santa Cruz [http://scijust.ucsc.edu/]
  • STS Austria

Review work & expertises

  • Review work for international scientific journals such as Higher Education, Higher Education Policy, New Genetics & Society (ongoing)
  • Member of the advisory group of the task force on internationalization of science, technology & innovation of the Austrian Federal Government (2012-2013)

Publications (selection)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • Müller, Ruth (2017) “Crafting a Career in STS: Meaning Making, Assessment and Interdisciplinary Engagement.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 3, 84-91.
  • Kenney, Martha & Müller, Ruth (2016) “Of rats and women: Narratives of motherhood in environmental epigenetics.” BioSocieties 1-24. DOI 10.1057/s41292-016-0002-7
  • Fochler, Maximilian, Felt, Ulrike & Müller, Ruth (2016) “Unsustainable Growth, Hyper-Competition, and Worth in Life Science Research: Narrowing Evaluative Repertoires in Doctoral and Postdoctoral Scientists’ Work and Lives.” Minerva 54 (2) 175-200. DOI 10.1007/s11024-016-9292-y  
  • Müller, Ruth (2014): Racing for What? Anticipation and Acceleration in the Work and Career Practices of Academic Life Science Postdocs [43 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 15(3), Art. 15, http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1403150.
  • Müller, Ruth (2014): Postdoctoral Life Scientists and Supervision Work in the New Corporate University: A Case Study of Changes in the Cultural Norms of Science. Minerva, 52(3), 329-349.
  • Müller, Ruth and Martha Kenney (2014): Agential Conversations. On Interviewing Life Scientists and the Politics of Mundane Research Practices. Science as Culture, online early May 29 2014
  • Pickersgill, Martyn, Niewöhner, Jörg, Martin, Paul, Müller, Ruth and Sarah Cunningham-Burley (2013): Mapping the New Molecular Landscape: Social and Ethical Aspects of Epigenetics. New Genetics & Society 32, 429-447
  • Müller, Ruth (2012): Collaborating in Life Science Research Groups: The Question of Authorship. Higher Education Policy 25, 289–311
  • Felt, Ulrike and Ruth Müller (2011): Tentative (Id)entities: On Technopolitical Cultures and the Experiencing of Genetic Testing. BioSocieties 6, 342-363

Chapters in peer-reviewed anthologies

  • Müller, Ruth and Nina Witjes (2014) Of Red Threads and Green Dragons. Austrian Sociotechnical Imaginaries about STI cooperation with China. In Mayer, M., Carpes M. and R. Knoblich (Eds): International Relations and the Global Politics of Science and Technology, Vol. 2: Perspectives, Cases, and Methods. Berlin: Springer, 47-66
  • Müller, Ruth (2013) “Karriere machen” in den Lebenswissenschaften: Welche Rolle spielt Geschlecht? (Careers in the Life Sciences: Does Gender Matter?). In Binner, K. et al (Eds): Geschlechtergerechtigkeit & Geschlechterwissen in der unternehmerischen Hochschule.(Gender Equality and Gender Knowledge in the entrepreneurial University.) Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot, 118 – 136

Scientific Commentaries

  • Hanson, Mark and Müller, Ruth (2017) “I Digress. Epigenetic Inheritance and the Responsibility for Health in Society.” The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology 5 (1), 11-12.
  • Rushforth Alex, de Rijcke, Sarah, Beaulieu, Anne, Wouters, Paul & Müller, Ruth, et al. (2015) “The Author Multiple: Reflections on a One Week Lorentz-Workshop on Authorship in Transition.” EASST Review 34(2). 8-12.

Media articles & interviews (selection)


“Life at the bottleneck. Postdocs, career pressures and peer relationships.” Science Careers, online on 26.10.2012


In key scientific journals

Interview for Science Careers. Focus on "Global State of Young Scientists". Cited in: “An Emerging Global Picture of Early-Career Scientists”, online on 27.01.2014

Interview for Nature. Focus:  Postdocs. Comment on the resulats of “Nature’s 2012 Salary and Satisfaction Survey”. Cited in: “Turbulent Times” Nature 488, 30.08.2012, 685-688

In newspapers and magazines

Interview for University Affairs Magazine (Canada). Focus: ‘Slow Science’
Cited in “The Slow Science Movement”, online on 05.12.2012