NEGZ Brown-Bag-Meeting | Data Sharing and Data Management of Tomorrow

On Friday, April 8, 2022, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., the

19th NEGZ Brown-Bag-Meeting | Data Sharing and Data Management of Tomorrow: Scientific Perspectives and Recommendations for Action of the EcoDM Project took place.

Successful data management for data sharing (datasharing) has become a key success factor for the successful digital transformation of public administration. Using and protecting data is the motto for making the knowledge treasures hidden in the data fruitful. But how can this be ensured?
“The vision of the EcoDM project is to stimulate discourses on digital data management across domains and disciplinary boundaries. The focus here is on academia, the public sector, business, and skills development – four domains that are critical digital data producers, but brought to the table for the first time by the EcoDM project.” Researchers from the EcoDM project have been working hard on the question of what, among other things, public administration needs to do to enable data sharing across organizational and association boundaries. The consortium partners presented the findings of their work with reference to public administration exclusively for the NEGZ.

The speakers were Dr. Christoph Bruch (Helmholtz Open Science Office, Helmholtz Association), Henriette Senst (Central Scientific Services, German Archaeological Institute) and Prof. Dr. Heike Neuroth (Department of Information Science, FH Potsdam).

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