Doctorate completed

On September 29, 2020 Eriketti Servou successfully completed the oral examination for her doctorate, in which she dealt with „Automated driving in the policymaking: The productivity of the void.“

Eriketti Servou’s dissertation examines how automated driving is produced in policymaking and what kind of impacts this production has on mobility and beyond. To do so, it develops an analytics of studying policymaking by redeveloping the concept of storylines as an analytical lens. Storylines allow for studying the historically emergent and dynamic processes through which actors, technologies, practices, narratives and settings interact and produce policy developments. The concept brings a balance between the interpretation of these developments and their performativity; how these developments emerge and play out. Thus, it allows for a comprehensive study of the contingencies and uncertainties of policymaking as well as their outcome and potential for future mobility.

Congratulations to the future Dr. rer. soc.!

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