Doctorate completed

On August 6, 2020, Anton Schröpfer successfully completed the oral examination for his doctorate, in which he dealt with „The Game of Increasing Societal Expectations towards Science. A specific Gaze on Technical Universities.“

The focus of Anton Schröpfer’s dissertation is the examination of the game of increasing social expectations of research using the example of technical universities. Universities in general are central actors to whom the fulfilment of society’s expectations of research is addressed. In general, universities are key players in meeting different societal expectations. For instance, universities should contribute to solving grand societal challenges by way of research and research-based education. In doing so, however, they prove themselves to be a constant driver of the game, because they spell out, redefine and construct the expectations directed at research in the university’s own style and ultimately play them back to the expectations of society. The metaphor of The Game of Increase (in German: das Steigerungsspiel) goes back to contemporary sociological diagnoses of society, which describe constant growth, innovation and progress as the constitutive characteristic of modern societies of the 21st century.

Congratulations to the future Dr. rer. soc.!

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