Doctoral Colloquium, Winter Semester 2023/2024

The Department of Science and Technology Studies is pleased to announce its upcoming doctoral colloquium of the Winter Semester 23/24, which will take place on Friday, 27 October, in Munich. The STS doctoral colloquium is an important opportunity for doctoral candidates to present their current research projects to a broader audience.

Besides these presentations, we are also happy to announce that Dr. Mareike Smolka (Wageningen University & Research; RWTH Aachen) has agreed to hold this semester’s keynote lecture. Dr. Smolka’s abstract goes:

  • Alignment work for innovation ecosystem governance?
  • Case study on anticipating futures of neuromorphic computing 

Considering recent calls for a “systemic turn” in STS engagement and Responsible Innovation, this talk presents ongoing research on innovation ecosystem governance. Based on a case study on a high-tech innovation ecosystem emerging in the Rhenish lignite mining area, preliminary results of a multi-stakeholder process combining vision assessment with scenario co-creation will be discussed. The analysis will zoom into modes of alignment work that stakeholders perform to make innovation ecosystem governance “do-able.”

Date & Time: Friday, 27 October. 9:00-19:00.

Location: Room 129 (until 10:15) and Room 605 (6th floor), Marsstraße 20-22, 80335 Munich

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