Dezember 17, 2016, von: Andrea Geipel

Seeing and Noticing – Video Analysis in Action IV

Since 2015, the working group for Video Analysis (Arbeitskreis Videoanalyse) is organizing workshops to discuss and reflect methodologically approaches of video analysis, develop new analytical perspectives and connect young scientists. Just a few weeks ago (04. /05. November) the MCTS hosted the 4th Workshop in Munich.

With the rising importance of video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo webvideos arrived in the data sessions. In response, the organizing committee [1] decided to discuss methodologically consequences in addition to the data sessions in a separated format. Therefore, Boris Traue was invited to give insights in his experiences researching webvideos during the last years. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of the platform as technical environment. Analyzing webvideos then requires to not only focus on the audio-visual material itself but to take into account a number of characteristics like the technical embedment, the communicative reception process, the terms of production or the producers themselves. In the following data sessions, this methodological perspective was discussed and applied to different projects researching webvideos. In the end, it was clear that analyzing webvideos with the technical environment it is embedded in involves a focused research question, a better understanding of the platform and the willingness to explore new analytical perspectives.

[1] Felix Albrecht, Andrea Geipel, Benjmain Lipp, Ajit Singh, René Tuma

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