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65 scientific films, 8 nominees, 4 laudatory mentions, 1 winner film: Karlsruhe Science Film Days 2017

Winner Film: Einstein-Rosen

A few days ago, I was part of the second Karlsruhe Science Film Days as one of 14 jury members. The event was organized by the ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Wissenschaftsbüro of the Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe GmbH. According to the homepage the event’s goal is to “root scientific documentary film, essay and fiction in the public consciousness and to build a bridge between research, artistic creation and society”. This year 65 films from 16 countries were submitted which I had to evaluate together with 13 other representatives from the arts, science and the media according to the categories scientific nature, originality, entertainment value, storytelling and aesthetic quality.

The submitted films represented a wide spectrum of documentaries, fictional stories, artistic presentations, ranging from short films to documentaries lasting up to 70 minutes. Watching all those videos revealed many different creative approaches to communicate science and knowledge via audiovisual formats.

Out of the 65 submissions the jury nominated the best 8 films to be presented during the EFFEKTE Science Festival.  The winner film chosen by the jury was honored on the 2nd of July on the EFFEKTE Main Stage in Karlsruhe’s Palace Garden. In spite of rain and wind the jury, nominees and audience stayed and listened to the opening words by Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Roberston von Trotha (ZAK) as well as to the laudatory speeches. Besides the winning film ‘Einstein-Rosen’ by director Olga Osorio, four films received an honorable mention.


Winner Film:
‘Einstein-Rosen’, Spain 2016, Director: Olga Osorio

Laudatory Mention Science Communication Quality:
‘Natura Urbana’, Germany 2017, Director: Matthew Gandy

Laudatory Mention Special Artistic Achievement:
‘Einstein-Rosen’, Spain 2016, Director: Olga Osorio

Laudatory Mention Social Impact:
‘Cyborgs: Human Machines’, Germany 2017, Director: Luisa Wawrzinek

Laudatory Mention Audience Darling:
‘Biene Majas wilde Schwestern’, Germany 2016, Director: Jan Haft

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