Daniela Zetti to Co-Organise the Workshop „Informed citizens and digital public authorities“

Daniela Zetti, along with Christian Herzog and Robin Preiß, will co-organise a workshop at this year’s Weizenbaum Conference at  Alte Münze, Berlin on June 9 and 10, 2022. This year’s conference theme is “Practicing Sovereignty. Interventions for open digital futures,” with the workshop having the title, “Informed citizens and digital public authorities: A conversation about practices of sovereignty vis à vis public institutions”

From the Conference website:

The discussion explores a diversity of concepts and strategies to understand current negotiations around public data use and practices of sovereignty from the perspective of legal, political and media sciences, philosophy, design, history and STS. We aim to reflect changes in the relationship between citizens, administration and politics. What does it mean to be a sovereign and informed citizen? How transparent should the public administration be with regard to internal processes to the outside world? Is there such a thing as too much transparency and which are the areas of citizens’ legitimate interest? What is the role of cities?

More information can be found here:

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