Concluding Workshop of the DFG Research Group “Practicing Evidence – Evidencing Practice” held in Munich, 25-28 April 2023

On the last week of April, members of the DFG research group 2448 met with distinguished national and international guests for four days of dialogue regarding “Evidence Regime(s) in Contemporary Knowledge Societies” amidst blooming magnolia trees at the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung in Nymphenburg. The conference featured two keynote addresses, reflections on the six years over which the group has explored questions of evidence contestation, delightful moments for conversation among current and potential collaborators, a public roundtable event entitled “Wer spricht für die Wissenschaft(en)?” and a display of the multiple books and edited volumes assembled by current and former research group members.

Colleagues and presenters traveled from Bonn, Augsburg, Mainz, Hamburg, Bielefeld, the Max Planck Society in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Warwick, Alberta, California, and Pennsylvania; and one presenter joined online from Birmingham in the UK. Through eight panels, presenters approached the thematic focus on “evidence regimes,” defined as sets of rules and cultural and social norms permeating society as a whole and configuring the ways in which knowledge societies consider what is taken as ‘evidence.’ This “evidence regimes” focus allowed presenters to scale outward from particular evidence practices and make interpretive claims about the power relations that surround and contextualize the evidence practices their work observes. Meeting highlights included not only the roundtable but also the keynotes by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schäfer regarding how to see “knowledge” within the archaeological record of skillful work by textile and leather artisans, and by Prof. Dr. Noortje Marres regarding the Independent Sage group of UK experts formed in May 2020 to give public advice on the COVID emergency. The research group also sat down together to begin planning for the final report and for the collaborative assembly of research findings over the summer and early fall.


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