Amazing Graz: TraMS & ISPP friends discussing digital twins and mobility experiments at STS conference in Graz, Austria

Sophia Knopf, Michael Mögele and Manuel Jung from the Transforming Mobility and Society (TraMS) Lab presented their current research projects in two sessions at this year’s STS conference in Graz May 8-10, 2023. The well-established STS conference gathered many young researchers for panels on eight themes and workshop sessions.

Sophia Knopf presented her recent work on „Co-Producing Digital Twins and Urban Governance: Insights from Munich and Boston “ in the well-coordinated session on digital twins. She illustrated how the emerging idea of digital urban twins gets enacted in local, specific city contexts. In the same session, former ISPP colleague Hadrian Macq reflected on digital twins and data-based governance.

Titled „Between persistence and change in automobile regions: Foregrounding the role of mobility cultures in responsible experimentation for future automobilities in Munich“, Manuel Jung and Dr. Michael Mögele presented insights from their current fieldwork. They proposed an approach for analyzing experimental pathways to future mobility through the combined lens of STS and mobility cultures.

With mobility and digitization each representing a central theme of the conference, the event provided an inspiring opportunity to deepen the exchange and discussion of ongoing projects across the STS community.

(Photo: Hadrien Macq)



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