Absolutely fabulous: 1st doctorate at MCTS completed

On March 20, 2017, Christoph Schneider successfully completed the oral examination for his doctorate, in which he dealt with “Transforming TechKnowledgies: the Case of Open Digital Fabrication”.

Christoph Schneider’s doctoral project focuses on the sphere of ‘open digital fabrication’, in which technologies such as 3D-printing are being developed and used in ‘open’ settings, including open source projects or new organisations such as FabLabs. The project anaylses the characteristic ways how knowledge and technology are being produced and organised in open digital fabrication. Empirically it is grounded in two qualitative case studies involving an open source development project and a FabLab.

From April onwards Christoph Schneider will join the MCTS as a Postdoc and engage in interdisciplinary research and teaching at the the interface of the MCTS and the Munich School of Engineering.

Congratulations to the future Dr. rer. soc.!

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