Academic Programs


At the MCTS, teaching is multidisciplinary and research-based! Take advantage of our wide-ranging programs:

The Master’s programs Science and Technology Studies (MA STS) and Responsibility in Science, Engineering, and Technology (MA RESET) are directed at students with a scientific interest in the field of Science and Technology Studies.

Wissenschaft ⋈ Technologie ⋈ Gesellschaft (WTG@MCTS) offers an interdisciplinary teaching program for all TUM students. Many of the modules can either be included in the TUM Bachelor and Master programs or be enrolled in as additional subjects.

The MCTS Plug-ins allow students of the natural sciences and engineering to learn about concepts and methods of science and technology studies within their curriculum.

Summer 2019

Winter 2018/19

seminarBasic Ideas and Concepts of Science and Technology StudiesIgelsböck, Guner-Birdal
exerciseBasic Methods in Science & Technology StudiesCuevas
seminarSTS 1: Practices and Politics of Science and TechnologyMaasen, Müller, Passoth, Pfotenhauer
seminarSTS 2: Philosophy of Science and TechnologyGreif
seminarSTS 3: History of Science and TechnologyMauch
seminarMaking a Mess with MethodsPenkler, Passoth
lectureLecture Series: Current Research at the MCTSRossmaier u.a.
exerciseAcademic SkillsSutter
seminarPracticing ResearchMaasen, Sutter
seminarLiving in NatureCulture: How to Care in the AnthropoceneMüller
seminarEthics of Responsibility: Current Areas of ApplicationWernecke
seminarInnovation, Society, and Public PolicyPfotenhauer
seminarQuestioning Narratives of Change in Organizations, Industry and InnovationCuevas, Thiele, Seibt
seminarTechnologies of Difference: Genetics, Race, and the Making of DiversityBlacker
seminarScience & Technology Studies Approaches to Science CommunicationDavies
seminarEurope by Design: Transnational Infrastructure Projects and the Reconfiguration of EuropePollozek, Arms, Passoth, Mendes
projectImmersion ProjectPfotenhauer, Pedziwiatr u.a.
seminarTechnology & Society: Economics, Politics, Ethics, Law, MediaMüller, Pfotenhauer, Wernecke, Eisenberger, Passoth
workshopEnglish Writing for Social Scientists C2Balton-Stier
workshopModeration – How to Guarantee Efficient Communication within GroupsCaser
workshopInterpersonal Communication Skills for Working Internationally TodayCrail
seminarInternshipVasilyeva, Felder
seminarMaster’s Blog & Science SchoolPepponi
exercisePracticing Research (RESET)Maasen, Sutter
KolloquiumAngewandte PhilosophieSlanitz
KolloquiumWissenschaft in der Praxis. PraktikumskolloquiumSlanitz
WorkshopWissenschaftliches Arbeiten in der Wissenschafts- und Technikphilosophie, Teil 2: PraxisSlanitz
KolloquiumForschungskolloquium: Modellbildung in den TechnikwissenschaftenWernecke

Summer 2018

seminarGoverning The Body. Biomedicine, Health and Justice in the 21st CenturyFelder
seminarOn What There IsGreif
seminarA Moral Proposal. How to Gain the Power of Judgment in Science and TechnologyWernecke, Sandmann
seminarInnovation & Organization. Sociological PerspectivesMeyer
seminarThis Ain’t No Knowledge Society. Revisiting Theories of Classical/Post/Late Modernity in Digitized SocietiesPöchhacker, Passoth
seminarIntroduction to Science and Technology PolicyPfotenhauer, Wentland
seminarPolitical Objects, Political Subjects. Rethinking Democratic Ordering with STSLaurent
seminarEvidence Practices in Environmental Health Research, 1984 – PresentBlacker
seminarSTS Methods 2Penkler
exerciseSTS in Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsSutter u.a.
colloquiumMaster’s ColloquiumMaasen
seminarMethods in STSCuevas
exerciseSTS-STEM MentoratPedziwiatr, Sutter
workshopMeaningful Project Management. From an Idea to the Implementation of Socially Useful Projects.Haberl
seminarStatistics. The Basics of Doing, Making and Reviewing StatisticsMüller
SeminarDenken, Erkennen und Wissen (Eine Einführung in die Erkenntnistheorie)Wernecke
SeminarLudwig Wittgensteins “Tractatus logico-philosophicus”. Eine EinführungJung
SeminarMedien – Informatik – Internet. Philosophie der “Netzkulturen”Wernecke
SeminarEthik und Verantwortung II: RisikoethikWernecke
SeminarEthik und Verantwortung II: Tierethik und Ethik der BiotechnologieSandmann
KolloquiumAngewandte PhilosophieSlanitz
KolloquiumWissenschaft in der Praxis. PraktikumskolloquiumSlanitz